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OSOFLY is a New York-based accessory design company celebrating the aesthetics of the global creative underground. Since 2003, OSOFLY has traveled the world, collaborating with artists, writers, musicians, DJ's and dancers to produce unique pieces that actively live within the current cultural landscape. Believing style is a powerful way to claim individual identity, OSOFLY strives to inspire every person to wear their originality out loud.​ OSOFLY produces one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces to insure that your style is unique and fits you just right.

OSOFLY's head designer and art director Yarrow Lutz is a certified jane-of-all-trades. With experience in a wide array of expression such as visual arts, writing, event production, mural-making, photography, music, dance and education, Lutz infuses all elements of her influences into OSOFLY's bold pieces.

OSOFLY is also available for custom pieces, styling and creative services.

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Photo by Rob Northway

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